Golf News for Monday, August 15, 2005
"Placement at such an elite and well respected athletic facility provides a unique opportunity to expand the reach of golf in a non-traditional way," said Sentient Sports President Mike Olsen. [... more » ]
The new Event Manager module features a monthly or weekly view of their events calendar along with a simple event setup process. It also integrates fully with other modules. [... more » ]
European Sales Director Amanda Gunning-Sabini: "There is a huge demand for a full, technical children's range and Premier Style is the first one to have produced it." [... more » ]
"I share with Pine Hill a strong commitment to the community and to the Rotary’s important local and worldwide programs," said Pine Hill Golf Course General Manager Eric J. Quinn. [... more » ]
"Infringing and counterfeiting golf products are a problem that has been present in the industry for years," said Chad Kolakowski, vice president of sales and marketing for Divix Golf, Inc. [... more » ]
"Golf is a full-fledged lifestyle for those who are passionate about the game," said Gary Quinn, director of business development for NBC Sports. "The ‘Getaway’ is the experience of a lifetime." [... more » ]
"We have had some of the best PGA teaching professionals tell us these are among the best performing utility clubs on the market, especially given the price," said HiPPO CEO David Dixon. [... more » ]
"We work hard to ensure our members and their guests enjoy the best golf experience possible – and the best club experience as well," said Allan Bowman, director of golf at Cherry Valley Country Club. [... more » ]
This is an old complaint, but it's worth repeating. Golf is run by morons. There's no reason a minute of any major should be played without live TV coverage, writes blogger Chris Baldwin. [... more » ]
Here's the deal, writes the Original Cheap Bastard in his debut Budget Golfer blog. I will feed you with cash-saving tips I find ...... your job is to send me some in return. [... more » ]