Golf News for Friday, August 12, 2005
Nike's SP-7.5 features an understated swoosh wrapped in a soft and supple waterproof full-grain leather upper which provides outstanding comfort and protection. [... more » ]
"Giving V1 Putt to our customers without obligation affords them ability to experience the benefits of V1 Putt first hand without making the upfront investment," said Maher Sarafa, V1 director of marketing. [... more » ] offers inexpensive recruiting solutions for the golf marketplace by implementing the latest employment technology along with pro-active marketing techniques. [... more » ]
"The FIDRA brand represents the true spirit of the core golfer, and we think the match is going to be very popular with our customer base," said Greg Hopkins, president /CEO of Cleveland Golf and FIDRA. [... more » ]
"Many have been in touch asking if they could increase the size of their stand and we are only too happy to accommodate them," said Managing Director Ross Broadstock. [... more » ]
Viewership,, attendance numbers up significantly for 2005 major championships, including 40-percent increase in weekend television viewership. [... more » ]
"It’s very rewarding to see players from pro tours around the world achieving victory after victory with Rifle shafts,” said John Lauchnor, president and CEO of Royal Precision. [... more » ]
"I thought the original Launcher 460 went far. But I'm really impressed with the new technology our R&D team has added to the club," said Greg Hopkins, president/CEO of Cleveland Golf. [... more » ]
The PGA touts the fact that it has the best field of all the majors so often they sound like the third-grade nerd pleading, "Pick me! Pick me!" when gym class teams are divvied up, blogger writes. [... more » ]
"Hey, Jargal! Did you hear about that new Bolton tribute to golf caddies? Forget the herd, dude. Let's saddle a yak and trek on into Yuanjiang to buy a copy - it's bound to stick in our hearts and minds!" [... more » ]
"The PGA of America was founded by individuals who dedicated themselves to the preservation of the game of golf and the elevation of the role of the PGA Professional," said PGA President Roger Warren. [... more » ]