Golf News for Monday, July 18, 2005
"The Ignite won by claiming two second place finishes at the hands of the robot in the longest driver test ... and straightest driver test," said Golf World's Carly Cummins. [... more » ]
Casey Parks, president of Green Street Innovations, said: "Every day we get emails from our customers claiming how much longer they are hitting the ball with Rip Tips" [... more » ]
Serving the club and resort industry since 1997, Crescent Systems currently has several hundred clients in 44 states, including Hawaii and Guam. [... more » ]
Ron Hilo has been added to cover Southeast Florida and Randy Denzin will be responsible for Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. [... more » ]
The Annual St. Andrews Golf Week gives golfers the opportunity to enjoy St. Andrews as the residents experience it, playing five of the community's courses. [... more » ]
“Our goal is to provide guests with an off-course experience on par with our nationally-renowned layout,” says Victoria Hills General Manager David Buth. [... more » ]
The GFi Swing Trainer is one of the simplest and effective trainers on the market. Golfers see improvements in distance, accuracy, and confidence every time they use the trainer. [... more » ]
Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Marketing for Glove and Accessories for FootJoy: “Our commitment to research, development and product testing is why FootJoy gloves are best in class." [... more » ]
Blogger: Bivens' background isn’t in golf, it’s in sales and marketing. She’s a savvy pick, then, because what’s lacking in the LPGA isn’t product, it’s product awareness. [... more » ]
Blogger: I'm hoping he's regained his form from several years ago, when he dominated, but I also hope the rest of the world has caught up with him, so we can have a little drama. [... more » ]
"You never tire of the view from the grill room," Eagle Creek General Manager Gary Piotrowski said. "A lot of thought went into the design of the room." [... more » ]