Golf News for Monday, July 11, 2005
The raids focused on the manufacturers of counterfeit products and resulted in the seizure of thousands of counterfeit golf clubs, golf bags, shirts and more. [... more » ]
“It’s great to see a guy like Randy do well,” said Mike Tait, President of SMT Golf. "We’re proud to have him using our equipment." [... more » ]
MCC Vice-President of Corporate Communications J.C. Beeson said, "We are proud that so many pros are relying on the Matrix brand in their 'accuracy clubs.'" [... more » ]
"The Wishbone Suspension outsole delivers both stability and flexibility like nothing we’ve ever seen," said VP Jack Erickson. [... more » ]
"Our design offers multiple playing strategies, providing players a unique golf experience at every hole," said Erik Larsen, one of the architects of the Golf Club of New England. [... more » ]
"With this kind of technology on your side, fewer putts per round and lower golf scores are just around the corner," said Steve Asman, president of Innoventions Enterprises. [... more » ]
One of the things that will make this course unlike any you've seen before are the cenotes - essentially gaping sink holes where twisted trees have grown, writes blogger. [... more » ]
"This award reflects the valuable contributions GCSAA golf course superintendents make to the game and business of golf," said GCSAA CEO Steve Mona. [... more » ]