Golf News for Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Located an hour from Phoenix, the Greg Nash-designed Los Caballeros Golf Club offers breathtaking desert and stunning views of Vulture Peak and the Bradshaw Mountains. [... more » ]
Schmidt's promotion was announced by GolfStyles publisher Michael Keating who announced their goal to put together the finest management team in the country. [... more » ]
Board President, Dr. Erik Constance commented, "The event would not be what it is without Sandy Wheeler; we cannot say that strongly enough, nor ... thank her enough." [... more » ]
The championship has become increasingly popular as an international event so that a Nations Cup is being introduced this year in addition to the McGregor Trophy. [... more » ]
Trusting the consistency of Dynamic Gold with Sensicore in his irons, the Senior PGA Champion was the only player to break par in all four rounds. [... more » ]
"We've invested aggressively in R&D over the last several years and it's really paid off with this is is is product," says Chip Brewer, CEO of Adams Golf. [... more » ]
Play golf on championship courses and sample wines from the most famous wine estates in the world. [... more » ]
Ed Mitchell encourages, "all industry professionals to enhance their career skills by signing up now for our fall classes." [... more » ]
The collection offers golfers who are also animal lovers, a unique yet practical way to protect and display their clubs, said Paul Nefouse, president of JP LANN GOLF. [... more » ]
I am fine with putting blame on the editors. But why not blame the liars who actually write the bogus copy, writes Rebel Blogger. [... more » ]
Always willing to chat with golf bloggers, Mike provided thoughtful commentary across a wide range of the game's issues, writes blogger. [... more » ]