Golf News for Wednesday, June 22, 2005
"Skin cancer and other skin diseases threaten the health and lifestyle of millions of American every year,” says Dan Brown, Proderma’s Vice President of Golf Operations. [... more » ]
Kim Felton's winning performance capped off a great week, after other exciting Nike Golf showings at the U.S. Open. [... more » ]
The clubs in the bag that helped Campbell win his first major: the new FT-3(TM) Driver, which Callaway Golf will launch at authorized retail stores and pro shops on July 4. [... more » ]
Akio Karashima, President of GDI says, "The popularity of hybrids and utility clubs has grown exponentially over the past five years." [... more » ]
Chris Hilleary, VP of Aerotech Sports, Golf Division, stresses on the power and stability of our SteelFiber shaft with the performance of the Cleveland HALO. [... more » ]
Kingwood Golf Club & Resort in the northeast Georgia Mountains has always focused on offering a luxurious golf experience while providing a variety of activities. [... more » ]
The book is edited by Tim Southwell and Iestyn George , creators of the celebrated golf magazine GolfPunk, and has the magazine’s own unique take on the world of golf. [... more » ]
Robert Thompson wonders about reporters that fall all over themselves offering superlatives to a player they didn't know existed until 5 pm yesterday, writes blogger. [... more » ]
The women earn less than half of what the men make, even when they win twice as often. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to why, writes blogger. [... more » ]
"We've come a long way since our first charity distributions in 1999 of $256,000," said Anthony R. Guerrero, Jr., president, Friends of Hawaii Charities. [... more » ]