Golf News for Thursday, June 2, 2005
"Mike is a great addition to the Sunderland team. He is an industry veteran and knows exactly what is required to keep Sunderland strong," said VP Rick Gielow. [... more » ]
Bob Lamkin, president of Lamkin Corporation, believes that the strength of the Royal Grip brand in Japan will pave the way for greater avenues for new product distribution. [... more » ]
David Leadbetter Enterprises VP Jeremy Aisenberg regards the Science&Motion International training system for golfers of all skill levels as "truly revolutionary." [... more » ]
Chairman of the Board Ron Kruse will continue to serve till Jan. 31, 2006, before passing the torch to A.J. Blanchard , while Bruce Ullery becomes Treasurer/Chairman-Elect. [... more » ]
John Lauchnor, president and CEO of Royal Precision: “For a decade, golf’s greatest players have turned to Rifle-branded steel shafts for ... winning results.” [... more » ]
"I am very proud of our staff for their commitment to providing the best possible experience for our students," said Mike McGetrick. [... more » ]
Study after study has proven that trimming those few additional strokes from your game could be as simple as keeping your clubs clean. [... more » ]
Bob Cantin, editor of the book, lauds the photography, most of which was taken by Getty Images' world renowned golf photographer, David Cannon. [... more » ]
The Reluctant Jam Boy's blog is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Laugh out loud funny. Tears streaming down your face funny. [... more » ]
Sure, Memorial Day is an important weekend for course revenue. But sometimes doing the right thing, building some goodwill for golf, means more to the long-term bottom line. [... more » ]