Golf News for Thursday, June 16, 2005
Golfers are discovering that the Neutralization and Flex Matching Technology, which comes stock on every Accumade golf shaft, enables them to re-gain extra distance. [... more » ]
Glenbrae's Vice President of Sales, Tom Santori says, "A strong brand presence at retail level is a critical part of our brands marketing strategy." [... more » ]
Ken Starr, co-owner of Zelocity Corporation said, "It is our hope that other Grey Goose Gateway tour members will leverage Zelocity's ball flight monitors going forward." [... more » ]
Couch won his second title and fifth of his career at the LaSalle Bank Open in Glenview, Illinois, to become the hottest player on the Nationwide Tour. [... more » ]
Beth Murphy, SouthWood’s Director of Golf. “This event in particular is an excellent opportunity for parents to join their children in healthy activity on the course.” [... more » ]
"We have had very little earth to move on the site," Fought said. "The course will have beautiful views and is being designed in classic (Donald) Ross motif." [... more » ]
"The golf course is extremely playable for golfers of all skill levels," said Dave Tomczak, general manager at Duran Golf Club. [... more » ]
More than half of readers are saying that Pinehurst No. 2 is underwhelming and does not warrant the $375 walk-in rate, writes blogger. [... more » ]
As you watch the U.S. Open, just remember that North Carolina has many other great options that will be far more enjoyable for a better value, writes Rebel Blogger. [... more » ]
"Customers tell us they are regularly getting more yardage and consistent center hits with these clubs", said Eric Yeh, President of Infiniti Golf. [... more » ]