Golf News for Wednesday, June 15, 2005
The Summer Golf Merchandise Expo will be held Aug. 23-24 in Arlington, Texas. [... more » ]
"I know it's going to be a lot of pressure," Sorenstam said after her victory. "That's a goal I set and if I want to achieve my goal, that's what I'm going to have to accept." [... more » ]
I was quite frustrated with the pace of play ... and reacted inappropriately, Sabbatini writes. [... more » ]
The show is currently in the sixth month of a two-year run on United Air Lines in-flight for 11 flights daily from Heathrow Airport to and from the US. [... more » ]
"[Brooks Baldwin] is an unbelievable athlete and generates an amazing amount of clubhead speed," said Mike Tait, President of SMT Golf. [... more » ]
"Players at all ages and skill levels know that when a shot "feels" good, their confidence is elevated and their performance improves," said Jim Morin, V.P. of Element 21 Golf. [... more » ]
Royal Cinque Ports, Royal St George’s and Princes provide three of the finest tests of links golf that can be found anywhere. [... more » ]
“Coldstream Cove offers the convenience of townhome living within the Prince Creek community,” said Mike Wyatt, Centex Homes Myrtle Beach Division President. [... more » ]
Chris Baldwin and the ceegar-chomping Rebel Blogger have both conveniently ignored direct challenges of late and no one's calling them on it, writes blogger. [... more » ]
The smattering of Sabbatini defenders, including's own Tim McDonald are either clueless or dedicated to rude arrogance, writes blogger Chris Baldwin. [... more » ]