Golf News for Tuesday, June 14, 2005
"This purchase represents ... a trend towards the consolidation of software firms within the golf industry," said J. J. Keegan, Principal of Golf Convergence. [... more » ]
“We had a wonderful response to our first Ladies Only day,” says Scott Taylor, Wicked Stick’s head golf professional. [... more » ]
One of the Carolinas’ top golf course management and services companies has been awarded a two-year contract. [... more » ]
Blake Ponuick "is arguably the best strategic marketer in the GPS golf industry," says Glenn A. Pierce, Jr., president and CEO of Uplink. [... more » ]
The winner of the Alliaz Championship carried a C-Thru Grip on his putter to secure his victory. [... more » ]
Golf typically does not have a high incident of injury. In most instances, the injuries can be prevented with a proper warm-up. [... more » ]
Jerry Andres, president and CEO of Eagle Crest, Inc., said, “Certainly, we are encouraged by the enthusiastic early response.” [... more » ]
Where I grew up, late night, drunken spins on a golf cart were a rite of passage, writes blogger. [... more » ]
The only one talking about Sorenstam on the radio is our own Jennifer Mario, writes blogger. [... more » ]
As an executive decision had already been taken to position VIP strongly within golf events, the concept of “The Royal Links Tour” evolved. [... more » ]