Golf News for Friday, May 20, 2005
Co-owner Nicole Licata says the NY office, "will enable CCM to be a more effective and efficient company and will allow us to work our East Coast clients in real-time." [... more » ]
The 2004-05 season has been a banner campaign for Will Dodson, as he won WAC Championship medalist honors and was named Conference Golfer of the Year. [... more » ]
The newest member of the Okemo family of golf, Tater Hill Golf Club, features rolling hills and undulating fairways with a fair challenge for low handicaps. [... more » ]
After 18 months, the Green Gables Country Club course will open for play Memorial Day weekend with an entirely new design, says General Manager Bob Meyer. [... more » ]
Three Crowns Golf Club in Casper, Wyo. will include a first-class clubhouse with dining facilities, golf instruction, pro shop, practice facility and an 18-hole course. [... more » ]
Air-drying extends the glove's life. The G3 Golf Glove Guard clips your glove to your golf bag so the glove air-dries naturally! [... more » ]
Segway LLC has introduced its 2005 product line featuring three new models and lithium-ion batteries that double the range of the Segway Human Transporter (HT). [... more » ]
Zero Friction Golf Tees gives PGA Touring Professsionals the advantage of ball control, increased ball speed and longer drives. [... more » ]
Michelle Wie isn’t giving up on her chance to qualify for the U.S. Open. Notice I didn’t say the Women’s U.S. Open. She’s not afraid to earn her spots the old-fashioned way. [... more » ]
I've always said the people who are the proudest and most confident of their facility are the ones who complain the least. Clearly, Williams and Ironhorse aren't in that group. [... more » ]