Golf News for Thursday, May 19, 2005
The PGA Fall Expo format is receiving a makeover to maximize attendee time at the event while increasing the opportunities for manufacturers and buyers to interact. [... more » ]
Element 21 Golf Company announces that it has received a substantial purchase order from The GolfWorks for E21's metal shafts. [... more » ]
Tour Golf Products Inc., Columbus, Ohio, announces the addition of industry veterans, Aaron Dillon and Jeff Hlay to its staff. [... more » ]
The National Golf Club in Southern Pines, N.C., will host local qualifying for the U.S. Open for the second straight year, announces Tom Parsons, National's director of golf. [... more » ]
TaylorMade Golf Company introduces four new Rossa CGB putter models, featuring Rossa's new Anti-skid Groove System Insert and Center-of-Gravity-Back technology. [... more » ]
The ‘Simple Golf Swing’ is eliminating problems for thousands of golfers world-wide,” says David Nevogt author of the Simple Golf Swing. [... more » ]
The club pro watches PGA events with a tear in their eye, knowing they have a 2 o'clock with old Betty Johnson, who can't hit the ball 50 yards anyway. [... more » ]
Four golfers in the UK are attempting a sponsored golf event - playing nine holes in four different countries in just one day! [... more » ]