Golf News for Wednesday, December 7, 2005
Top honorees include: The Wilderness at Fortune Bay, in northern Minnesota, The Alotian Club, outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, and Dakata Dunes in Saskatchewan as the Best New Canadian course. [... more » ]
"What makes the 3DX iron so different and so long compared to other irons is the way the XW inserts work. They spread the weight to the heel and toe, absorb shock and provide that extra 'oomph,'" said 3DX designer John B. Hoeflich. [... more » ]
"The European Tour is increasingly recognized as one of the most competitive venues in golf, and we’re very excited for Lamkin grips to have delivered yet another victory," said Bob Lamkin, president and CEO of Lamkin Corp. [... more » ]
Fister is famous for his long-driving prowess, and the Zero Friction Golf Tee is also a long-driving icon. Golfers on the major professional men's tours have used its unique three-pronged teeing system to gain distance. [... more » ]
Colin Nathanson is accused of diverting, misusing, and misappropriating investors' funds, allegedly to finance the unprofitable operations of his golf companies, Giant Golf Company and Play Big Enterprises, Inc., and more. [... more » ]
"We are devoted to remaining the industry leader in bag technology, and as such, we will aggressively protect our intellectual property to the fullest measure," said Gary Bowen, OGIO's COO. [... more » ]
"Technology's impact upon golf to date has been great, but uneven," said Satayan Mahajan, iClub CEO. "We are excited to help structure a program that will investigate technology's real ability to make the game of golf more easily learned." [... more » ]
"We welcome the opportunity to represent Reliable of Milwaukee and fill their open sales territories with experienced sales professionals," said Dawn Schlesinger, president of [... more » ]
Congress is not exactly on a roll with respect to efficacy, integrity, and prudent decision-making. Even if we really care about the BCS process, do we need and/or want them spending their time and our money on setting it right? [... more » ]
Only 35 years old, he is heading into his prime years right now. The future has got to be looking mighty sweet from where Furyk is standing. [... more » ]
"We're very pleased with the outcome of their survey, it's certainly a reflection of the tremendous success of our NV graphite shaft line," said Mike Rossi, Aldila's VP of marketing and sales. [... more » ]