Golf News for Monday, December 19, 2005
"Our customers have always said that no other clubs play as easily as Maruman, and the new Metabio line provides a refreshingly solid performance," said Mike Matheny, president of Maruman Golf USA. [... more » ]
"I'm very pleased that the PGA TOUR Partners Magazine came back with such great evaluations," said Terry Koehler, president of Eidolon Golf, after magazine testers gave glowing reviews of the company's V-SOLE wedge. [... more » ]
"Any parent that goes through almost losing a child has a much greater respect and appreciation for life and a better determination toward making a difference in other people's lives, which is what the LogicalOne putter is all about," said Kelly Thompson of Web Dx2 Golf. [... more » ]
The Solution Centers will be found along the main aisle of the 2006 Golf Industry Show in Atlanta, and their educational offerings follow a progression from golf-course master planning to playing of the game. [... more » ]
The workshop will present the latest scientific findings on topics such as water policy, conservation of potable water, use of recycled water, protection from pollutants, and turfgrass water use and conservation strategies. [... more » ]
Just went through a run of two weeks plus in Palm Springs. After about day four, you could be excused for thinking the local weather guys were playing hooky, replaying the same forecast night after night after night. [... more » ]
In the grand scheme of life, the demolition of a golf swing at the hands of an uncertain or insensitive teacher is pithy. Shouldn't all teachers be focused on conveying information in an accessible, comprehensive way? [... more » ]
"It is gratifying to have Golfweek recognize the care and effort that goes into ensuring a great golf experience at Grande Dunes and Tidewater," said Bob Swezey, executive VP of golf operations for Burroughs & Chapin Golf Management. [... more » ]
A. Douglas Brede has developed more than 60 popular turf varieties, including Nu Destiny Kentucky bluegrass and T-1 creeping bentgrass. His research team at Jacklin Seed by Simplot has developed top cultivars in nine other grass species. [... more » ]
"Fortune Bay told us to design a course harder for the good player but similar to The Legend for the average player. We gave them the best blend of championship golf and friendliness to the average golfer," said architect Jeffrey D. Brauer. [... more » ]