Golf News for Wednesday, December 14, 2005
"We are pleased and proud to receive this award for the third time," said George Fellows, head of Callaway. "Ely Callaway founded this company based on ethical principles, and he would be very proud to know that his legacy lives on." [... more » ]
"Pebble Creek is one of Tampa’s oldest and best golf courses. Now, with local ownership and new investment, it’s going to be the course that you love to go back to," said Bill Place of Ace Golf. [... more » ]
"Our goal is to develop the beginning golfer with the correct fundamentals of the game, promoting a lifetime of enjoyment for the game," said Fred Griffin, director of the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf. [... more » ]
"Jim's contributions to golf and community have been carried out quietly and consistently over the years," said Northern California PGA awards chairman Jay McDaniel. "Golf is better because of people like Jim." [... more » ]
The Harvester's head golf pro, Patrick Kilbride, was named Iowa’s Golf Professional of the Year by the Iowa Golf Association. Gary Babcock, the Harvester's assistant golf pro, was selected by the Iowa PGA Section as the Assistant Golf Professional of the Year. [... more » ]
Officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control say they do not believe golf course workers and golfers are at an elevated risk for contracting the H5N1 avian flu virus. [... more » ]
"Arguably, it was the most devastating hurricane season the country has experienced in modern times," said Conrad C. Lautenbacher Jr., NOAA administrator. "I'd like to foretell that next year will be calmer, but I can't." [... more » ]
"The redesigned site advances the institute’s mission by showcasing resources, information and environmental progress relevant to golf and the environment," said Michael D. Hurdzan of the EIG. [... more » ]
"Owners have all the benefits of owning a second home, but at a portion of the cost," said Residence Club partner Marc Bailes. "Additionally, you can truly enjoy your vacations, because you will never have to fix a leaky faucet or even change a light bulb." [... more » ]
Allenby, who recently won the Australian Masters, Open and PGA, may be a perfect 10 for 10 in playoffs but he's never quite gotten to the top level. His play in the majors has been middling with a total of three top 10 finishes. [... more » ]
The River is an immensely popular outdoor mall/restaurant row that could have been lifted straight from Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas or Connecticut. If you're golfing in greater Palm Springs, somebody's going to recommend that you eat there. [... more » ]