Golf News for Tuesday, December 13, 2005
"The land and the dunes comprising St. Patrick's is what Ireland golf is supposed to be -- raw, natural, wild, windy, with bunkers, carved and created by Mother Nature," said Tim Kenny, executive vice president of Nicklaus Design. [... more » ]
"This facility will not only make an excellent addition to our portfolio of prestigious golf properties, but will also further enhance the area’s already outstanding reputation for fine golf," said Claye Atcheson, Marriott Golf's VP, operations. [... more » ]
"It's very exciting to be part of the Escena Golf Club team," said Brian Winge. "We have been given the rare opportunity to debut a brand new championship golf course designed by Nicklaus Design in the heart of Palm Springs." [... more » ]
“We finally got a break on weather in 2005 after a couple of challenging years but, unfortunately, the industry hasn't been able to take full advantage of it in generating commensurate increases in rounds played," said Pellucid President Jim Koppenhaver. [... more » ]
All of St. Andrews Golf Academy's Play with the Pro rounds and Golf Days are conducted by one of the school's PGA professionals. Each session is designed to build the individual's game from strength to strength. [... more » ]
“Circling Raven puts its customers and their happiness first, so it’s a privilege for us to be able to thank them for their strong and loyal support since Day One,” said Dave Christenson, director of golf. [... more » ]
Three new Las Vegas real estate projects in the presale stage include a high-rise managed resort, an affordable condo conversion and a 5-star vacation fractional for those who want a second home with the amenities of a luxury resort. [... more » ]
I realize ‘tis better to give than to receive, but at Christmastime, frankly, the shopping part is a bitch! So what to do? Go online, of course. Ever since Al Gore invented the Internet, Christmas shopping has become that much easier. [... more » ]
Best New Remodel is Golf Indigestion's newest (and most oxymoronic) ranking. This category is known far and wide under two nicknames: We Didn't Get It Right The First Time and Our Greens Committee Has Too Much Free Time On Its Hands. [... more » ]
"This is going to be the start of a great annual tradition of honoring inspirational and accomplished alumni of the turf program at the university," said Steve Curry, president of the Alumni Turf Group. [... more » ]