Golf News for Friday, November 25, 2005
“The timing is right for establishing a new, more proactive agenda and retooling the process in whatever ways are need to achieve the objectives," said GOLF 20/20 executive director Ruffin Beckwith. [... more » ]
"Nothing excites me more than seeing small emerging companies become major players in an industry, especially when I'm part of it. I've done this before and look forward to the challenge," said Dr. Van Mayros. [... more » ]
“It’s at the top of a lot of must-play lists, and the Trails’ debut only deepens its allure. Clearly Bandon and Pebble will duke it out for No. 1 for the foreseeable future,” said Vic Williams, Fairways & Greens ownership partner and managing editor. [... more » ]
"This increased financial commitment may be advantageous to the company in executing its strategy relating to the acquisition of sports organizations and related affiliates," said R. Thomas Kidd, CEO of GWI. [... more » ]
“Myrtle Beach National Company has always encouraged programs to get junior golfers involved in the game of golf; a game they can enjoy for a lifetime,” said Jim Woodring, director of golf operations for the MBNC. [... more » ]
"TaylorMade hasn't lost sight of the fact that a common problem among women golfers is that they hit many of their clubs approximately the same distance," said Gary Gallagher, manager. [... more » ]
"With the low teacher/student ratio, golfers can have some of the benefits of private instruction at an economical price," said Brad Redding, Director of Instruction for Grande Dunes Golf Academy. [... more » ]
Women are more likely to be open to trying ‘unorthodox’ performance enhancement techniques. And the results of applying EFT have been nothing short of spectacular. [... more » ]
At some point, you have to start feeling sorry for this 16-year-old marketing monster who obviously knows nothing about winning or performing in the clutch. [... more » ]