Golf News for Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Four new tournaments, two upgraded events, two new courses and two significant date changes are among the highlights of the 2006 European Tour schedule. [... more » ]
Aldila, Inc. announced that its board has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.15 per share and a one time special dividend of $1.00 per share both to be paid on December 16, 2005. [... more » ]
“Many web sites have hundreds, if not thousands of products and we just thought that having a single unique and personalized item would enable us to concentrate on providing the best value,” said Wyman & Kelly President Mike Wyman. [... more » ]
"On the Gateway Tour, I won $22,000, but this is something special, and to win going up against PGA and Champion’s Tour players, it’s really an unbelievable thing,” said Tommy Gainey. [... more » ]
The NV product features exclusive aerospace materials and Aldila's unique Micro Laminate TechnologyTM that provides the player enhanced power, consistent flex and precise feel. [... more » ]
Since it debuted on the major professional golf tours in May, the Zero Friction Golf Tee has won 12 tournaments, including nine on the PGA Tour and three on the Nationwide Tour. [... more » ]
“It is exciting for golfers, with their ever-increasing travel schedules, to be able to maintain one-on-one relationships with their instructors from any location in the world," said Marc Matoza, cofounder of eCoaching. [... more » ]
Named the "Turf Joy G31E", the cart mounts a battery capacity of 8V by 6 cells for 48V, or enough capacity for two rounds of golf with one charging of the battery. [... more » ]
Results from the PGA “Pick The Winner” contest look great with 210 winners, even some multiple winners. All participants are competing for the Grand Prize Drawing on December 1. [... more » ]
The Merrill Lynch Skins Game: We have three electrifying players, and one hate-filled short-knocker trying to get even richer in hopes that his political heroes will find a way to make Skins winnings tax-exempt. [... more » ]
For some reason golf pundits look down on challenge formats and save their strongest venom for the Skins Game. The problem is with the broadcast. If TV executives could see slightly beyond their noses, they would see a lot of alternatives. [... more » ]