Golf News for Wednesday, November 16, 2005
“The new M2 irons perfectly reflect our philosophy of club design. They were designed with the weekend player in mind, so they offer the specific benefits that type of player is looking for,” said Sean Sheppard, president of Magique Golf. [... more » ]
"The Rifle Flighted technology was perfected on the PGA and European Tours, and it is a great example of the innovative technology that is integrated throughout the premium Rifle shafts," said Ray Lucas, senior vice president of sales and marketing. [... more » ]
In addition to the championship golf course, hotel and lodge guests will also enjoy the full service destination Spa, a speciality restaurant, an all day dining restaurant and Whiskey Bar. [... more » ]
"It is important for our course partners and prospective customers to realize this lawsuit will have no impact on ProLink's business or customers globally," said Lawrence Bain, President and CEO. [... more » ]
"The UBS Hong Kong Open is always one of the highlights of the season and the fact that the Order of Merit could be up for grabs as well only adds to the excitement," said Martin Capstick, VP of sales and marketing, Asia-Pacific. [... more » ]
“It landed about six inches away from the hole and just slid to the right. And in one bounce it dropped in, just disappeared. I couldn’t tell if it hit the flagstick or if it just found the hole,” said Maj. Damon Ragsdale. [... more » ]
"I've always had a pretty quick focus and that's what is needed at this type of event. This event is tailor-made for me and fits my style of play," said Peter Jacobsen. [... more » ]
"The PGA Grand Slam of Golf is one of the most dramatic and exciting golf tournaments on television," said Jeff Gregor, senior vice president of sports marketing and programming for TNT and TBS. [... more » ]
“The current system there will stay, and golf operations won’t change. Prices won’t change and the seven members of River Bend’s staff will become YMCA staff,” said YMCA CEO Cameron Corder. [... more » ]
The air is cool and crisp in such towns as Austin, where the golf is cheap and the armadillos aren't rabid. Take the Wilderness, for example. Right now, you can get on after 2 p.m. for just $27, $32 on weekends. [... more » ]