Golf News for Tuesday, October 18, 2005
"Grande Dunes has been named one of the 'Top 10 You Can Play' in America by Golf Magazine, and recently Golfweek named it one of America’s 'Top 100 Residential Golf Courses,'" said a course release. [... more » ]
"The company received a $40 million revolving loan facility from a bank group led by Wachovia Capital Finance Corp., and a $10 million term loan from Patriarch Partners LLC," said a statement. [... more » ]
"We have been in contact with other users of Surlyn resins and purchased varying volumes of Surlyn that were delivered this week with more deliveries to come in future weeks," said chairman Wally Uihlein. [... more » ]
"We [Softspikes] wanted to do something good for the game of golf. We focused on upscale private clubs like Loblolly," said Laser Link Golf president and founder Rob O'Loughlin. [... more » ]
"This is as good as I've ever played. I struck it well and putted well all week. It hasn't sunk in yet. I've tried deliberately not to think about getting to the PGA TOUR," said the Gila River Golf Classic champion David McKenzie. [... more » ]
“The course began as young retirees came to the area, bought homes and literally began to carve out the layout themselves,” said Peg Peterson. [... more » ]
"The lesson is conducted by the Faldo Golf Institute by Marriott instructors and can involve one of two session types, short game and full swing," said a company release. [... more » ]
"People are actually wanting [shirts] to be smaller. People who used to wear a large are sometimes going to a medium now because they want a little bit tighter look," said Anne Ingham, vice president of design for Tehama and Izod G. [... more » ]
"Though a member of the press may be citing a possible rules violation 'for the integrity of the game, who is keeping that press member in check for 'the integrity of sports reporting?'” Writes the Media Guru. [... more » ]
"On behalf of all of the tournament sponsors, I am very pleased to make this donation to the Buoniconti Fund and the cutting-edge research it supports at The Miami Project," said Craig H. Neilsen, Ameristar Chairman and CEO. [... more » ]