Golf News for Monday, October 17, 2005
"It's kind of like when you were young, and the best-looking girl in school says, 'Pick me up at 5 at my house.' Then you're praying that she's actually there when you knock on the door at 5," said Disney tournament director Kevin Weickel. [... more » ]
"The lone competitor finishing the tournament under par, National Amateur Tour Champion Danny Nungesser carded a 72-hole total of 1-under-par 287 (72-77-66-72)," said an event release. [... more » ]
"With Colombia running away and Chile playing solid golf, I told my partner we needed to attack. Two or three-under par wasn't going to be good enough," said Venezuela's Carlos Larrain. [... more » ]
"The MX-900s will give golfers instant confidence from the moment they look down at the club at address," said Dick Lyons, vice president and general manager. [... more » ]
"With the assistance of our Tour Trio partners, we are able to offer a package that showcases the best of what South Carolina has to offer -- courses that are ranked among the best in the state," said Jann Walker, director of marketing. [... more » ]
"The Inn is poised to offer a superior product and experience to its guests, thereby enhancing the visibility and popularity of the University and the broader Durham community," said Randy Kolls, general manager. [... more » ]
“With their ever-increasing travel schedules, golfers now can maintain a one-on-one relationship with their instructors from any location, allowing immediate feedback year ’round,” said Marc Matoza, cofounder of eCoaching Technology. [... more » ]
Reporter Michael Bamberger of Sports Illustrated is feeling pretty good about himself tonight. He didn’t just get a great story — Michelle Wie disqualified in her pro debut — he created it. [... more » ]
The new issue to emerge from the Palm Desert is the ridiculous notion that Sports Illustrated reporter Michael Bamberger turned Wie in because he "wanted to make a name for himself." [... more » ]
“Circling Raven and Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel are extremely gratified by the ZAGAT Survey acclaim,” said Circling Raven director of golf Dave Christenson. [... more » ]
“We are pleased to do our part in sharing the story of what is arguably the game’s most defining moment in this country,” said Jack Peter, senior vice president and chief operating officer of the Hall of Fame [... more » ]