Golf News for Wednesday, October 12, 2005
"To qualify to play on the PGA TOUR players must advance through a rigorous three stage qualification process," said an event release. [... more » ]
“The G360 was ranked #1 by GolfTest USA and recently Golf Illustrated awarded it as their 2005 Baggy Award for “Best Kept Secret,” said Gaim Golf’s co-owner Gary Patterson. [... more » ]
"Golf Digest has been a terrific partner of the TOUR in recent years and we are extremely pleased to strengthen the affiliation between these two great golf brands," said Tom Wade, the PGA TOUR's CMO. [... more » ]
“I am excited to lead Royal Precision’s senior management team in our efforts to provide value-added golf shafts that offer tour-validated high performance,” said Christopher Johnston, a co-founder of Royal Precision. [... more » ]
“The M3 I-Brid and all our new M-Series clubs are designed for the guy who plays once or twice a month, not the guy who does it for a living," said Sean Sheppard, president of Magique Golf. [... more » ]
Hilda W. Allen Real Estate Company is offering courses located in North Miami Beach, Orlando, and Osceola (Orlando-Kissimmee Area). [... more » ]
"Having four of Kauai’s five golf-destination partners rated among the very best golf properties in the world is an important third-party endorsement," said Sue Kanoho, executive director of the Kaua’i Visitors Bureau. [... more » ]
“Golfers from all over the world had the opportunity to improve their swings on the Explanar in Myrtle Beach,” said Explanar managing director Tony Clark. [... more » ]
“Clubs differ very little in length and we felt if we could raise the base from the back to the front, we would accomplish our goal of attaining perfect organization without sacrificing ease of use,” said president Jim Sutter. [... more » ]
The golf bloggers of the world, apparently stunned by John Daly's unsettling missed putt, have taken to the course themselves recently. [... more » ]
“The Dual Density Crossline grips represent the most exciting new innovation in golf grips to hit the market in decades,” said Bob Lamkin, president and CEO of Lamkin Corp. [... more » ]