Golf News for Monday, October 10, 2005
"Special Situation Analyst Louis Meyer began coverage of the company with a "hold" rating and a takeover target price of $17.50," said a company release. [... more » ]
"This is the ultimate event for amateur golfers and I'm proud to be part of another great Buick tournament," said Tiger Woods, the tournament's honorary chairman. [... more » ]
"In 2005 we planned to make licenses available to all suppliers of GPS distance measurement equipment provided for golf courses. We now have the team in place to affect those plans," said Robert Silzar, Sr., president and CEO of GPSI. [... more » ]
"Having the ability to overlay our irrigation system and underground utilities directly on Pictometry's high-quality aerial photos is a huge improvement," said Jeff Corcoran, superintendent at Oak Hill Country Club (N.Y.). [... more » ]
“Working with the outstanding businesses in the Business Pasta BNI Chapter has been an excellent way for SAFEchild to educate the public about our mission,” said Linda Nunnallee. [... more » ]
"To lower the CG, the SQ Fairway Metals feature a shallower face and head profile. These elements enable golfers to produce a higher launch, create lower spin and generate maximum distance," said a company release. [... more » ]
‘Akira is not exactly a household brand name for many American golfers, but I think it will be soon. Personally, I’m driving the ball five to 10 yards longer with the ADR’s,” said Kevin Cho, general manager of Olympic Golf. [... more » ]
For John Daly, missing a three-foot putt in a playoff with Tiger Woods -- in a prestigious, international field -- has to be called what it is: a choke of 7.6 on the Richter scale. [... more » ]
Stop with the idling already. If you are going to wait for more than 30 seconds, turn the car off. You'll save gas, and the myth that restarting will destroy your engine? Still just a myth. [... more » ]
“The V-SOLE wedges have received tremendous reviews this year, and we’re very happy to have the industry acclaim that comes from a Golf Tips Tech Award,” said Terry Koehler, president of Eidolon Golf. [... more » ]
"The response we have gotten in the first five years of our golf tournament has been spectacular. Hurricanes postponed it twice last year and the response was still over the top," said Miracle general manager Steve Gliner. [... more » ]