Golf News for Friday, October 1, 2004
Half Moon Montego Bay, a 400-acre luxury resort with 419 rooms, including suites, cottages and villas is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The celebration will last through October 3. [... more » ]
Noodle Golf, maker of the long-and-soft Noodle golf ball, has launched a sales promotion featuring two collector's edition Noodle one-dozen boxes, one featuring a donkey on the front, the other featuring an elephant. [... more » ]
Myanmar took control of the World Cup Qualifier today after an impressive three-under-par 69 in the second round's Foursomes on Friday at Palm Resort Golf and Country Club in Malaysia. [... more » ]
Graphite Design International has announced it has adopted “Better Shafts. Better Scores” as its official moniker, augmented by the tagline “The Ultimate in High Performance.” [... more » ]
Tourists and golfers alike will get a bounty here, for the Chateau, the beautiful island resort, offers a number of beautiful golf courses and tourist destination for visitors to indulge in. [... more » ]
Mattaponi Springs Golf Club will open for play in October on the former Rose Hill estate, a 330-acre property located an hour south of Washington, D.C., 30 minutes north of Richmond. [... more » ]