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Tim McDonald: U.S. Ryder Cup team wild card picks

'Zinger called me up on the telephone the other day and said, "Tim, if you were picking the Ryder Cup team today, who would you choose?"

"Zinger, you've got to quit bothering me, I'm trying to write."

"Have you seen what I have to choose from? I've waited this long hoping someone would get hot, but NOBODY is hot. Please, help me, Tim, help me."

"OK, but this could change."

Rocco Mediate. Good Ryder Cup temperament. Loose enough to keep everyone relaxed, but that hides an intensely competitive spirit.

Woody Austin. Emotional opposite of Mediate. He's a little wacko, but wacko in a good kind of way. Wacho in a way that might unnerve the Euros.

Hunter Mahan. This guy is just an awesome golfer at times. If he can find his rhythm at Valhalla, he could do some serious Euro-damage.

Jerry Kelly. Don't know why, I just like this guy in this kind of atmosphere.

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