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Natural Golf Schools attracting NFL alumni to improve their game

Celebrity athletes from across the U.S. are joining the ranks of over 500,000 core Natural Golfers this summer, having attended Natural Golf Schools and making the choice to switch from their conventional swing method to the Natural Single Plane Swing method to improve their game and performance.

What started with Joe DeLamielleure (Buffalo Bills), NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer '03 attending a Natural Golf School with a weak-performing short game, has led to an onslaught of Hall of Fame and NFL alumni attending Natural Golf Schools across the country, all of whom regularly play charity tournament circuits with one another.

"I'm playing the best golf I have ever played since learning Natural Golf. I play a rigorous tourney circuit with other NFL alumni and Hall of Famers and they are amazed. Every day I recount for an athletic colleague how I switched to the Natural Single Plane Swing method and what an amazing difference it has made in my overall performance" says Joe DeLamielleure, known to most as Joe D.

CEO Peter Lineal says, "Joe is in incredible shape and is famous for never missing a game due to injury in his entire football career. Joe's golf challenge started with body rotation of the conventional swing. He's got large arms and a barrel chest but he's also got incredible athletic acumen and got the mental part of the fundamental change to the Natural Single Plane swing immediately. He took a 4-Day School with Platinum level Natural Golf Instructor, Steve Conrad (Charleston, SC) and chased it with lessons from Platinum level instructors in Charlotte, NC (Eric Hanson) and Buffalo, NY (Jim Lahey) while traveling on his tourney circuit and is now the envy of a slew of players he sees regularly."

DeLamielleure, like nearly a hundred other HOF'ers and NFL alumni travel the globe playing charity related tournaments nearly year round.

Stanley Morgan, known as one of the most explosive receivers in NFL history, New England Patriots Hall of Famer and Pro Bowler (Super Bowl XX) says, "As a 4 handicap looking to be a scratch golfer, I see that Natural Golf and the Single Plane Swing method is the key to helping me get my golf game where I want it to be. My One Day School with PGA professional and NGCI Dutch van Ooestendorp (Tunica,Ms.) was impressive! I'm playing the Hank Aaron and Walter Payton Tournaments this month and I'm excited to apply what I've learned into my game and show others what this swing method could do for them."

Other NFL Alumni Natural Golf students include Ottis "OJ" Anderson (St. Louis Cardinals, NY Giants), and NFL Hall of Famer Elvin Bethea (Houston Oilers).

Says Lineal, "It's no secret that the more high exposure sports figures playing golf using the Natural Single Plane Swing method, the more likely that golfers, novice to experienced will realize that the Natural Single Plane Swing method is the easiest way to enjoy the game of golf."

"With professional athletes agreeing that it's the Natural Single Plane Swing that gives them the advantage of a better game, it's just intuitive that the general player would find the same ease in the method. With our corporate mission being to Grow the Game, I think it's the most effective way to make a difference and guarantee the future of golf" Lori Gertz, VP, Chief Marketing Officer adds.

As the Midwest summer nears its end, there are five new NFL Hall of Famers (and four in the wings) on the calendar for Natural Golf schools across the country. Natural Golf schools are open to the public (a maximum of 4 students per class) and are available at over 60 different locations nationwide. For more information on where the schools are held and to reserve a spot in the location of your choice, go to or call Natural Golf at 1-888-NAT-GOLF.

About Natural Golf
Natural Golf ( has gained international recognition as an advocate for an uncomplicated golf swing based on the theory of moving the club on a single-plane; a method demonstrated formidably by Canadian golf legend Moe Norman. The Natural Single Plane Swing begins with a distinctive hold on the club that naturally aligns the club shaft "on plane" with the arms. This single-plane relationship between the shaft and arms simplifies the dynamics of consistent ball striking leading to more enjoyment faster for all levels of golfers as they play the game. This straightforward swing method provides a foundation for demystifying what has become for many a confusing world of golf instruction.

Based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Natural Golf currently teaches the Natural Golf Swing through its Certified Instructors at more than 100 locations around the world. Natural Golf produces instructional materials, such as books and videos, and also manufactures a growing and diverse quality line of golf equipment providing a custom fit option for advocates of their method.

Natural Golf instructional offerings were named by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 golf schools in the country out of 600 companies. In addition, the company's line of fairway woods was chosen "Best of the Best" by Rankmark and received the "Seal of Excellence" from GolfTest USA, two independent golf testing companies.

Growing the game of golf by delivering significant improvement to golfers on all levels is the Natural Golf continuing vision.

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