Golf News for Friday, July 18, 2008 | Equipment

Natural Golf expands product line enhanced by new materials

Natural Golf introduces the latest award-winning, tour-quality components into its already elite product lines, enhancing quality, performance and enjoyment for golfers of every skill level.

Master Clubmaker of over 40 years, Andy Grzynkowicz says, “Natural Golf’s clubs are integral to mastering the Natural Single Plane Swing. The ST 460’s in addition to our True Blue Hybrid Irons feature our Perfect Aim Technology™ (PAT), which align the ball with the clubface so golfers don’t have to alter their Swing. With our 30-60-90 Guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk to golfers who are interested in checking out the excellent playability of these new club lines. ”

In the launch of this line, Natural Golf (NG) teamed up with top manufacturers – True
Temper®, and United Sports Technologies® – to reengineer several distinctive golf club lines featuring state-of-the-art materials, responsible for the ultimate golfing experience.

Natural Golf’s newest club - the ST 460 CC “Hammer” Driver, which features Perfect Aim Technology™ (PAT) - was created using Grafalloy ™ shafts, making a lighter yet stronger shaft which helps golfers hit greater distances, while maintaining intense control over the accuracy of the ball.

Natural Golf’s ST110 Irons and the Moe Norman Signature Wedge line both hit with amazing accuracy as a key result of the featured True Temper steel shaft. True Temper developed a lightweight steel shaft that is featured in these clubs to eradicate the myth that all steel shafts are heavy and hard to hit. These clubs can also be customized with graphite shafts if a player so wishes.

The Natural Golf ST110 Fairway Wood line sports graphite shafts by United Sports Technologies (UST). Graphite is characterized by its ability to hit amazing distances. Golfers will be pleased to find UST features – such as higher balance points and heavier weights – provide them the control needed to hit the ball straighter as well as farther.

To find out more about Natural Golf’s diverse new line of products featuring tour-quality components and their risk-free 30-60-90 Guarantee, go to or call at (888) NAT-GOLF. Information about the other companies listed can be found at:

True Temper –
Graffaloy (a Division of True Temper) –
UST – or (800) 621-6728

About Natural Golf
Natural Golf ( has gained international recognition as an advocate for an uncomplicated golf swing based on the theory of moving the club on a single-plane; a method demonstrated formidably by Canadian golf legend Moe Norman. The Natural Single Plane Swing begins with a distinctive hold on the club that naturally aligns the club shaft “on plane” with the arms. This single-plane relationship between the shaft and arms simplifies the dynamics of consistent ball striking leading to more enjoyment faster for all levels of golfers as they play the game. This straightforward swing method provides a foundation for demystifying what has become for many a confusing world of golf instruction.

Based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Natural Golf currently teaches the Natural Golf Swing through its Certified Instructors at more than 100 locations around the world. Natural Golf produces instructional materials, such as books and videos, and also manufactures a quality line of golf equipment providing a custom fit option for advocates of their method.
Natural Golf instructional offerings have been named by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 25 golf schools in the country out of 600 companies.