Golf News for Tuesday, June 10, 2008 | Equipment

G.R.I.P. announces the arrival of its Hot Steel hybrid clubs

GRAFTON, Mass. -- Golf Research In Play (G.R.I.P.), a golf equipment manufacturer and an online retailer dedicated to developing and offering the finest quality golf clubs, today unveiled its G.R.I.P. "Hot Steel" Hybrids. Available through, G.R.I.P.'s Hot Steel Hybrids are the second generation of its best-selling hybrid series.

Continuing to pioneer the hybrid market, G.R.I.P.'s 2008 hybrid lineup not only includes replacements for the low irons (2-iron, 3-iron and 4-iron) but also includes mid-iron replacements — a 5H 25 degree and a 6H 29 degree. Attractively priced at $69.95, these new Hot Steel Hybrids blend the best playing characteristics of G.R.I.P.'s fairway metals and long irons to provide superior playability and control from the fairway, rough and tee.

"Since the introduction of our G.R.I.P. Hyper Steel Hybrids in 2006, the popularity of hybrids as replacements for long irons has grown not only with our core market of recreational golfers, but they have also become a mainstay of the touring professionals," said Robert Blumberg, president, G.R.I.P. "With our new G.R.I.P. Hot Steel Hybrids, golfers of all abilities will have the confidence that they need to attempt long, high, soft-landing shots."

H2045 Cast Stainless "Hot Steel"
The G.R.I.P. Hot Steel Hybrids are cast using the same heat-treated, H2045 cast stainless Hot Steel that G.R.I.P. used in the development of its fairway woods. This "Hot Steel" is lighter and stronger than most of the conventional metals — 431 stainless steel and 17-4 steel — used in today's hybrids. The clubs' Hot Steel combined with their low center of gravity and high repulsion structure enable golfers to deliver higher-launching, longer-flying shots from all conditions and lies.

Teardrop-Shaped Clubhead & Scoop-Back Design
G.R.I.P.'s Hot Steel Hybrids feature a sleek, teardrop-shaped clubhead. Their slight offset promotes a square face at impact, thereby preventing slicing and making it easy to control trajectory and direction. The clubs' wider, shallower face provides a larger hitting area than a traditional iron.

These Hot Steel Hybrids feature a well contoured sole, with a swept up heel and toe, giving golfer's the versatility that they need in the most difficult situations. In addition, fixed weight ports offer optimum weight distribution in the heel of the club, increasing MOI, promoting higher ball flight, and increasing velocity at impact.

The Scoop-Back Design and the clubs' blunter toe add a very modern look to the G.R.I.P. Hot Steel Hybrids, and make them very eye-catching at address.

A Variety of Lofts — Perfect for Replacing Low and Mid Irons
Available in 2H 16 degree, 3H 19 degree, 4H 21 degree, 5H 25 degree and 6H 29 degree models, the new G.R.I.P. hybrids provide an outstanding alternative for both the low irons and mid irons. Matching headcovers come standard to reduce excess wear and tear.

Pricing and Availability
The MSRP for the G.R.I.P. Hot Steel Hybrids is $69.95. These clubs can be purchased at

About G.R.I.P.

A revolution in golf equipment has been started by Golf Research In Play. Launched in April 2006, G.R.I.P. is a golf equipment manufacturer and an online retailer dedicated to developing and offering the finest quality golf clubs — golf clubs that make the game easier to play, more fun, and highly affordable for the recreational golfer. Delivering the best in high-performance golf technology, G.R.I.P. offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one- year warranty against manufacturers defects for all of its golf clubs. For more information and to order products, visit or call 1-800- 881-5774.

Rob Blumberg
Golf Research In Play