Golf News for Monday, May 19, 2008 | Business

Natural Golf exclusive distributors of Yes! Fork featured Putters

Natural Golf has arranged the exclusive rights to distribute and re-brand the original fork featured putters that had previously been marketed under the YES! brand.

Invented originally by Ross Paquette and honed with weighting and alignment by Jerry Korte, the putters previously marketed only by YES! have been renamed in memory of Jerry and Ross, as Ross’ Fork Flange and Jerry’s Fork Mallet putters.

“Jerry Korte, who passed away a year ago this month, was a very close friend of mine for the better part of the last 30 years,” says Peter Lineal, Natural Golf CEO. “Jerry’s putters grew out of a relationship with fellow inventor Ross Paquette who invented a unique putter with a patented stabilizer bar that created a ball-width sweet spot. Jerry took over the marketing and enhanced the design by making changes he felt made the putter better than any other putter on the market. We think it still is!”

Product Features:
The “fork” shaft creates a solid-striking putter. The patented stabilizer bar construction gives a golfer the largest sweet spot available. The secret to the patented design of the Fork Putters is in the stabilizer bar. The steel shaft is attached to the bar, giving equal pressure to the putter head at two points. This keeps the head low and square to the intended line and reduces the twisting and torque of the head at impact. The placement of the shaft puts the full force of the stroke directly behind the sweet spot. The stabilizer bar and center shaft enhance the true pendulum stroke. The putter head is die-cast in a unique aluminum alloy for a soft feel which increases the ball dwell time resulting in better feedback and distance control. The milled face provides a consistently smooth striking surface. Face balanced, the head delivers full force at impact, and the modified rocker sole is beveled for a cleaner takeaway. Both of the putters are patented (U.S. Pat #5,308,069) and approved by the United States Golf Association.

“The feeling of using this putter is like having a sweet spot wider than the golf ball,” says Ken Martin, Director of Instruction at Natural Golf. “You can literally strike the ball anywhere within that zone without torque. Solid- REALLY SOLID.”

Both Ross’ Fork Flange and Jerry’s Fork Mallet are available for purchase from Natural Golf for $149.00. Visit or call 888-NAT-GOLF to order today.

About Natural Golf
Natural Golf has gained international recognition as an advocate for an uncomplicated golf swing based on the theory of moving the club on a single-plane; a method* demonstrated formidably by Canadian Golf Legend Moe Norman. The Natural Golf single plane swing begins with a distinctive hold on the club that naturally aligns the club shaft “on plane” with the arms. This single plane relationship between the shaft and arms simplifies the dynamics of consistent ball striking leading to more enjoyment faster for all levels of golfers as they play the game. This straightforward swing method provides a foundation for demystifying what has become for many a confusing world of golf instruction.

Based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Natural Golf currently teaches the Natural Golf Swing through its Certified Instructors at more than 200 locations around the world. Natural Golf sells a growing line of training aids, instructional materials and manufactures a diverse quality line of golf equipment providing a custom fit option for both advocates of the Natural Single Plane Swing as well as conventional golfers.

In 2008, Natural Golf has generously underwritten the Moe Norman Golf Academy ( to further the mission to grow the game of golf by making the easiest swing available to anyone interested in learning. Hundreds of free instructional videos are available for immediate download to visitors of the non-profit cyber academy.
Delivering significant improvement to golfers on all levels is the continuing vision of Natural Golf. Tips, instruction, and information on schools and custom fitted equipment are also available at .