Golf News for Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | Podcast

The Iron Curtain Golf Trail, Dr. Fox on his "Beat the Bogey Man" series, part II of a conversation on golf fitness

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Golf is blossoming in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. In this week's podcast, host Dave Berner talks to's Brandon Tucker about the developing golf scene there that he calls "the Iron Curtain Golf Trail."

What all these countries "kind of share is that golf was dormant all during the Cold War. So these are all raw, developing countries in terms of their golf," Tucker says. "I know that when you think Europe golf, you think Scotland and Ireland and the rest of the UK - and then you also think Spain and Portugal - so we've got pretty much an entire side of the continent we haven't even touched."

Psychologist and Clinical Hypno-therapist Dr. Travis Fox talks about how to get in the zone on the golf course.

"We created a method called 'Beat the Bogey Man' so any golfer can literally improve their game by tweaking how their head plays," Fox says.

In part two of our Healthy Golf feature, Dr. Ronald Gossemer, a knee surgeon at the Mt. Sinai Hospital, says stretching is key to golf fitness.