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Brandon Tucker: Hard to believe the Makai course isn't the main event at Princeville

There are a lot of golf resorts out there that boast one spectacular golf course, then a couple other serviceable seconds.

The Princeville Resort in Kauai, Hawaii is not one of them.

You've probably heard of Princeville's famous Prince course, whether you played it on a computer game over the years, or have seen it at the top of Hawaii's top rated courses in many national magazines.

But play the original Makai course first, and you'll be second-guessing whether or not you're playing Princeville's also-ran.

The Makai features 27 holes and two of the nines, the Ocean and Lakes, feature numerous ocean front holes. As's Chris Baldwin has recently stated, there are a lot of golf courses on the coasts that will call themselves the "Ocean course" with maybe one hole on the ocean - or sometimes you can only catch a glimpse of the ocean in the distance from maybe one tee.

At Makai, you're overlooking the ocean on about six to eight holes - none more so than the jaw-dropping 7th hole. It's a 200-yard par-3 - all carry over cliffs of about 200 feet. But there are several tees and greens here where you're right on the edge of the island. There are enough ocean holes, even the "Lakes" nine is given a few coastal gems.

The Makai is also gearing up for a full-blown renovation of its three nines and clubhouse. Right now there are only three sets of tees, which is dated for most modern resort courses. They're also going to reseed from tee to green with newer, better grasses. But even as we speak, it could be the feature course at 99% of the golf resorts in the world. Stay tuned to for a full feature on upcoming renovations to two of Kauai's top golf resorts.

Tomorrow, it's on to the main event at Princeville, the Prince Course, which I'm hearing is a sheer brute - albeit perhaps the prettiest around.

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