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The Reynolds Caddie Medal is given to Alfred 'Big Rabbit' Dyer

AUGUSTA, Ga. and Orlando Fla. --The Reynolds Caddie Medal is presented in memory of John and Frances Reynolds. The medal is in recognition of a caddie or caddie-master who tries hard and enjoys his work within the scope of dedication to a fundamental and traditional aspect of the game of golf. Anyone who endeavors to accomplish these ends is successful and deserves respect. The medal is presented in recognition of game knowledge, excellence, perseverance, wisdom, friendship and all that these characteristics imply.

Alfred 'Big Rabbit' Dyer was one of the original and African American caddies on the PGA Tour. Rabbit grew up in New Orleans Louisiana and his first occupation was as a golf caddy. Rabbit was Gary Players caddy from the early 1970's on, and was one of the original Big 3 caddies on the American PGA Tour -the other two being Angelo Argea who worked for Jack Nicklaus, and Creamy Carolan, who worked for Arnold Palmer. He is a 2000 inductee into the PCA Caddie Hall of Fame and a world Ambassador for the Caddie Foundation-PCA to help the kids grow the game by learning the Life skills for the profession. Rabbit is always trying to help his fellow man or lady.

" Rabbit " received his prestigious Reynolds Caddie Medal award from Dr. John Reynolds after a dynamic speech of the history and importance of the Caddie to the game during the 8th PCA Caddie Hall of Fame ceremony at the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fl. This is only the second time this special medal has been presented to a caddie outside the fine state of Georgia.

The other honorable recipient is Brian Paine - A native of Tacoma, WA who now lives in Augusta GA has caddied periodically throughout his life. He is a capable low handicap golfer. He is a retired US Air Force Veteran who is a language expert and has operated as an Arabic linguist and intelligence operative. Brian divides his time as a caddie at Reynolds Plantation Greensboro GA and the Augusta National Golf Club. He exemplifies all of the desired historic and traditional characteristics of a caddie. His philosphopy: Have fun and take care of my golfer. It is a never ending learning curve. Your re learning about people, about the golf course, how various people respond to the golf course, how a caddie response to a player and how a player responds to the Caddie. Getting the job right is important - But, so is approaching the task with humility and enthusiasm.

Brian received his Medal January 12th, 2008 in Augusta, Georgia at the ceremony form Dr. Reynolds.

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PCA is an association open to all caddies, working or retired, dedicated to elevating respect for the professional caddie and to paying homage to those who filled a special role in the history of the game. The organization and its Foundation work to provide the youth of the world the opportunity to learn both Life and Social skills through the game of golf and the profession of caddying, while enhancing their knowledge and interpersonal skills both on and off the course. In addition, PCA and its 10,500 members worldwide strive to bring back caddies to the golf courses of the world, while preserving the tradition of this greatest of all games. Visit us and for more complete details. PCA JOINS THE PGA CREDIT UNION FOR ALL FRIENDS OF PCA, SUPPORTERS, DONORS AND MEMBERS TO ENJOY THE BENFITS …. JOIN TEAM PCA TODAY

Dr. John D. Reynolds, III, presented the Reynolds Caddie Medal to Brian Paine on Saturday, January 12, 200, at the 20th Annual Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Also honored were the 2007 Inductees: George “Bunky” Henry (Eatonton), of Reynolds Plantation; Jack Lumpkin (St. Simons), of Sea Island Golf Club; and Spencer Sappington (Milton), of Polo Golf and Country Club have been selected for induction into the Hall of Fame. . For more information go

The Reynolds Medal and the World Caddie HQ-PCA Foundation come together to shine on the hearts of the profession of Caddying worldwide.

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