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Chris Baldwin: Boo Weekley not dumber than John Daly

a href="">Boo Weekley made a heck of an attempt. Really, he did. The character from the Florida boondocks who infamously talked about wind that could "make your butt hole pucker up" once on the Jim Rome show walked through an airport x-ray machine with two bullets in his carry on.

Proving that airport security is at least good enough to thwart Florida hillbillies, Weekley was stopped, detained, questioned and placed in very serious danger of never making it to Hawaii for this week's season-opening tournament.

While Weekley no doubt gave Phil Mickelson a good idea on an excuse for one of his many tournament skips, he failed in what had to be his primary objective.

Showing that he is dumber than a rock, i.e. John Daly.

Sorry Boo. Nice try. But you're still not even in the small ball park.

Though the bit about saying you used that bag in a recent hunting trip and didn't look at it again before you left for Hawaii was good. It makes you think that some people might actually carry on the bag of a stranger who handed it to them (guess those annoying airport announcements have a purpose for the American Idol crowd).

This also all reminds's own Tim McDonald of the time he tried to get on a plane with a dead possum he picked up in his own Florida swamp.

Again, still not dumber than Big John though.

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