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Chris Baldwin: At least Greg Norman and Chris Evert are the same age

Greg Norman is taking some criticism for his engagement to former tennis star Chris Evert. OK, some of its understandable. (Norman's ex-wife - a former flight attendant - lashed out in an interview with the London Sunday Telegraph that only makes her look silly).

But everyone else needs to get off The Chokers ... er Sharks' back. Especially older women.

Only Donald Trump has his name on more products than Greg Norman. Wine, shirts, golf courses, steaks ... you name it and there's a good chance Norman is selling it with an all-out zeal. Even after reportedly giving away nearly half his fortune to the flight attendant, Norman's net worth is estimated around $200 million.

If any 52-year-old guy is a prime candidate to be jetting around the globe with a bevy of 20-year-old "personal assistants", it's Greg Norman.

Instead the Shark has already popped the question to the 53-year-old Evert. That's right. She's one year his senior. Certainly, there's something honorable in that.

Of course, Fred Couples is wondering what Norman could possibly be thinking.

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