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William K. Wolfrum: Tiger Woods not fazed by sexy - and stupid - golf media

It can't be easy being Tiger Woods. All the golf, the business deals, the endorsements, the beautiful wife and child ...

Ok, never mind, it probably rocks to be Tiger Woods. But it's not all perfect. He has to deal with the golf press on a consistent basis, and that can't be easy. In fact, at his recent press conference discussing the upcoming Target World Challenge, Woods was faced with a different type of reporter - a woman who runs her own adult Web site.

When the press conference started, the woman immediately asked if he believed that " ... my boyfriend is gay because he screams out your name during sex?"

Woods handled the situation calmly, and waited for the woman to be removed. Of course, then he had to deal with the idiots in the golf media and their questions:

Q. You talked about fatherhood and the changes, and they come so quickly. What have you noticed? What's been the most fun? Is she talking at all or ...

TIGER WOODS: No, not yet. She's only five and a half months.

Q. I just wanted to ask you, your season last year, I was looking at the stats, I think you three-putted 1.9 percent of your greens, which was fifth on tour. The previous year you were 116th on tour. How in the world do you do that against these kind of players?

Just practice.

Q. Playing by and large with a field of opponents that you're friendly with, does that make it more difficult for you to be competitive ...


Q. How familiar are you with a website that's been around for a few years,, which claims to be the First Church of Tiger Woods? What's your reaction to the basic premise?

I've heard of it, there's no doubt, I've heard of it. I've never been on-line to take a look at it. I think just the name itself, I really don't want to take a look at it.

Q. So are you denying your divinity? Are you officially denying your divinity?

I am so far away from that (laughter).

Ladies and gentleman, the golf media. Jeez, we're idiots.

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