Golf News for Tuesday, December 4, 2007 | Books

"How to KILL the Ball" instruction book, DVD from 2 Down Press

2 Down Press Inc. Purveyors of golf instruction Books and DVDs proudly announces the release of the book and DVD set, "How to KILL the Ball" a detailed explanation of an easy to do, extremely powerful, yet very accurate golf swing.

The book describes the swing taught by California Golf Instructor and Long Driving coach Dan Shauger. Dan is the Trainer of Jaacob Bowden 2003 Pinnacle Distance Challenge Champion. Jaacob recently won the event Long Drive event in Warner Springs with a blast of 421 yards. This was a personal best as well as an all time grid record.

Also trained by Dan and using this method are John Marshall 2005-2006 ALDA Super Senior National Long Driving Champion and Remax Worlds Championship Finalist in 2006-2007 and Jim Liska who finished as the runner up to John Marshall in the 2006 ALDA Super Seniors Division and who also was a finalist in the 2006-2007 Remax Worlds Championship.

Shauger has taught many players Worldwide this revolutionary swing concept and has trained instructors Globally.

The swing taught in this book is different in concept from the commonly taught golf swing and produces great power while actually increasing accuracy. Along with these 2 very desirable attributes come an ease of motion and a feeling of "I didn't swing hard at all and look at it go".

The concept is as different from what is being commonly taught as day is to night. It can be truly thought of as "Thinking outside the box", since it debunks some of the long held ideas about what one must do to swing the golf club.

The swing is beautiful to observe, and looks effortless. This revolutionary swing works for players of all ages, and is particularly good for senior players who lack distance and desire a powerful swing, that does not injure the body.

The book is currently available at,, Walden Books and through most other major bookstores either on the shelves or by special order. The retail price is $29.95 It is also available through the web site, and when purchased from there comes with a 1 hour tutorial DVD that is now sold separately for $39.95 plus shipping. Normally the book and DVD together sell for $69.90 plus shipping, but for introductory purposes only, for $29.95 plus shipping. This is truly a lot of information for only a little money. Get it at

Dan has been teaching golf in the Los Angeles area for many years, and is widely known as a long driving coach. He was trained as a teaching pro by the legendary Mike Austin, holder of the all time Worlds record long drive in a Professional Tour event 515 yards at the age of 64. Mike was listed as one of America's top 100 teachers for many years. Dan and Mike were close friends and associates for over 30 years. Mike spent over 70 years of his life researching and advancing the understanding of the golf swing, and Dan has spent 35 years of his own life deciphering what he learned from Mike and adding his own ideas as to how to make the golf swing very efficient yet easy to learn.

Dan Shauger is still teaching Golf in the Los Angeles area, while writing and producing more books and DVDs.

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