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Baldwin: Ban yapping chihuahuas from golf course homes!

No one's endorsing Michael Vick here, but someone needs to take a stand and ban little yapping dogs - mainly chihuahuas - from golf course homes. Or better yet, ban their owners.

In the past, I've went into how golfers should feel free to fire at homes hugging fairways at will. And should start aiming for them, if one of those annoying homeowners who doesn't realize he bought a home on a golf course, pops his head out of the patio door and starts glaring at golfers minding their own business. If you purchased a home on a golf course and get offended when golf balls come near it, you're either A). A moron or B). A Self-Absorbed Pompous Jerk.

Turns out, you might be both if you put a weakling yapping dog in your golf course home yard.

There's nothing more annoying than pulling up to the tee and having Precious straining her vocal cords to yelp nonstop while you're there. I experienced this several times in a recent round at Cave Creek, Arizona's Dove Valley, which should be renamed Yapping Chihuahua (for the full review stay tuned to in the coming weeks).

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for having a Doberman booming barks at me or a pit bull snarling at me from behind a fence while I'm on the tee. A little pit bull snarl can add a good 10 yards to that drive. I had a Basset Hound as a kid (you know, a real dog).

But little yapping dogs that golf course home owners just leave out in their yards all day? Sorry, you've got to go. You're not worthy of owning golf course property. There should be some bare standards you must meet to get the increased real estate values.

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