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Hireko Golf unveils 3 putting instuments to Acer CB Series Line

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. -- Hireko Golf introduces 3 new precision putting instuments to the Acer CB Series Line. These putters utilize the most advanced technology, computer aided design and fresh and innovative ideas to give unprecedented straight-back, straight-through performance on every putt.

Acer CB4 Putter
This model features an inverted profile design where the rear is wider than face to maximize the MOI. The Acer CB4 putter also allows for 36 custom options with the use of additional screws to fine-tune the weight and balance of the putter.

Acer CB5 Putter
The Acer CB5 Putter is more compact from front-to-back than standard mallet putters, yet features a surprising amount of weight in the rear corners to provide the same high MOI as the other models, resulting in less backspin at impact.

Acer CB6 Putter
A cross between a blade and a mallet design, the inverted profile of the Acer CB6 Putter edistribute weight into the two wings as they serve to provide the additional perimeter weighting.

"The radical design and weight distribution of the new Acer CB Putters result in a moment of inertia that is much higher than most putters on the market today." states VP of Marketing Rob Altomonte. "This helps eliminate twisting during the stroke and upon impact for a truer roll."

The shot peen finish on the new Acer CB Putters help elminate glare and the enhanced alignment systems provide precise and accurate directional control.

The Acer CB4, CB5 and CB6 Putters are in stock and available in right hand . Golfers can custom build the CB Series Putters online starting at $37.34 each or purchase the component clubhead for $25.95 each at or by calling 800-367-8912.

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SOURCE: Hireko Trading Company, Inc.
Contact: Rob Altomonte, 614-209-7405
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