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McDonald: Reynolds Plantation exceeds expectations

I had heard a lot about the Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Ga. before I traveled there this past week, and all of it was good, even glowing.

After visiting, it even exceeded my expectations.

The plantation is in hilly, rolling terrain, perfect for building golf courses. It has five top-notch golf courses, and there's not a dud in the bunch.

The Great Waters course is one of the most picturesque courses I've ever played, and the Creek one of the strangest, and most fun.

The National is a terrific, under-rated layout, and the Plantation and Oconee courses are right behind.

My only regret is that the Creek course isn't open to the public, but the members wanted their own course and you can't really blame them for that.

The golf "cottages" are among the nicest I've experienced, and the service at all the courses is what you'd expect from such a place. The restaurants at the plantation are excellent.

I'm trying to think of something negative to say, to balance this out, but I can't. Well, how's this: the place is so big, it's easy to get lost. That's pretty weak.

I'd recommend the Reynolds Plantation to anyone, with no reservations.

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