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McDonald: Goodbye "pin-up babe" Natalie Gulbis, we hardly knew ya

This is what I loathe about the modern-day athlete. They're not so much people as they are "brands." They're mostly just symbols working hand in hand with business trying to get us to buy more cereal, toilet paper and hamburgers.

Natalie Gulbis, now that she has actually won a golf tournament, is being "re-vamped – and devamped" – according to Jeffrey Kelly of the Richmond Times Dispatch by her new "branding agency" in Richmond.

Gulbis, of course, pushed her considerable physical gifts on her previous calendars, provocatively posing in skimpy swimsuits and sexy dresses. So provocative, in fact, the USGA banned one of her calendars at the U.S. Women's Open.

Now that she's in the public eye – and millions of Google image searches – she's all of a sudden getting modest. No need to shed those clothes to get a little PR.

Her new calendar will feature "game face" shots of her winning her first LPGA title at the Evian Masters in France.

Can't wait to see that.

Her new image, according to Circle S Studios, will be an "All-American girl who eats well exercises and works hard."

How exciting. Natalie eats well.

"...Sometimes the media can start to control your brand, and we're trying to take control of the brand," Circle S President and managing partner Susan Hogg told the newspaper.

Forget the person. The brand is what sells.

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