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Natural Golf announces partnership with Graves Golf Academy

MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. -- Natural Golf has aligned with Todd "Little Moe" Graves and Graves Golf Academy in its mission to strengthen the awareness of the single-plane swing.

After a recent acquisition and placement of a new management team, Natural Golf is dedicated to Growing the Game of Golf by heightening the exposure of Natural Golf's Single-Plane Swing that they are known for, as the #1 branded swing in golf.

The Natural Golf Single-Plane Swing eliminates much of the hip and body rotation of conventional swings and creates a simpler, easier to learn, more "natural" motion. The system emphasizes its three fundamentals of using a Natural Hold, a Single-Plane setup and the Power Source of Leverage as was practiced by Canadian Golf Legend, Moe Norman.

Says Peter Lineal, CEO of Natural Golf, "Aligning with The Graves Golf Academy makes perfect sense in our goal to strengthen the awareness of the swing with PGA pro Ken Martin, Natural Golf's Director of Instruction, and Todd Graves, President of Graves Golf Academy working together to maintain the integrity of the swing and build our instructional materials. We want to give new golfers and golfers who are stuck and looking to improve the best tools to learn the great game of golf".

"You now have the two best golf instruction organizations in the world working together to help golfers and would-be-golfers learn the greatest swing the world has ever known," says Todd Graves, Co-Owner of Graves Golf Academy with his brother, PGA Pro Tim Graves. He continues, "The bi-product of the partnership will be great golf schools and curriculums, great golf experiences, the highest quality instructors with the greatest instructional information and products, great golf equipment and ultimately, a better and more enjoyable game of golf for all."

More on the single-plane swing and the missions of the two organizations can be found on their websites, and

About Natural Golf
Natural Golf has gained international recognition as an advocate for an uncomplicated golf swing based on the theory of moving the club on a single-plane; a method* demonstrated formidably by Canadian Golf Legend Moe Norman. The Natural Golf Swing begins with a distinctive hold on the club that naturally aligns the club shaft "on plane" with the arms. This single-plane relationship between the shaft and arms simplifies the dynamics of consistent ball striking leading to more enjoyment faster for all levels of golfers as they play the game. This straightforward swing method provides a foundation for demystifying what has become for many a confusing world of golf instruction.

Based in Mount Prospect, Illinois, Natural Golf currently teaches the Natural Golf Swing through its Certified Instructors at more than 200 locations around the world. Natural Golf produces instructional materials, such as books and videos, and also manufactures a quality line of golf equipment providing a custom fit option for advocates of their method.

Growing the game of golf by delivering significant improvement to golfers on all levels is their continuing vision.

About The Graves Golf Academy
Founded in 2000, brothers Todd & Tim Graves started the Graves Golf Academy to help golfers of all skill levels reach their full potential. Teaching the swing mechanics of Moe Norman, regarded by many as the "World's Greatest Ball Striker", the Academy has helped thousands of golfers improve their scores and enjoy the game again.

As a close, personal friend of Moe Norman for the 11 years before Moe's death in September 2004, Todd Graves was given the nickname "Little Moe" for his swing likeness to that of the legend.

Tim Graves, PGA, accomplished as both an amateur and professional player, brings his knowledge and insight of the scoring game to the Academy's instruction.

With home locations at Coffee Creek Golf Club in Edmond, OK and Eagle Creek Golf Club in Orlando, FL, as well as schools across the nation, the Graves Golf Academy carries on the legacy of the "World's Greatest Ball Striker" with one core mission, to help frustrated golfers enjoy the game again and reach their potential with the game.

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