Golf News for Tuesday, October 9, 2007 | Equipment

Caldwell Golf Co. unveils new cork-loaded MalibuWoody driver

Caldwell Golf Co., Inc. announced that the company is introducing an all new driver, The MalibuWoody, loaded with "Legal Cork" According to company President Dr. Bruce G. Caldwell, "These high-tech, high-performance clubs conform to the USGA Rules of Golf."

Dr. Caldwell believes this newly patented, breakthrough technology could fuel the next paradigm shift in golf equipment. "The industry started with persimmon, which was replaced by exotic metals. Today, our proprietary cork-filled ceramic composite clubs provide proven performance advantages," Dr. Caldwell said.

Caldwell stated, "This space age material is perfect for golf; the ball will travel as least as far (many say further) than the metal woods (sic) in the market today, but more importantly, golfers will be in the fairway much more often."

According to Dr. Caldwell, metal woods, though cheaper to mass produce, have never allowed a golfer to play with the degree of control that was once achieved with persimmon woods.

"The marketing hype behind the metal woods was that persimmon woods did not hit the ball as far," Caldwell added. "With the introduction of the MalibuWoody, the problem of achieving distance, coupled with hitting more fairways, has been solved. Bigger-than-a-bucket metal drivers are not the way golf was intended to be played."

The company attributes the high performance of the MalibuWoody to a fact that is easily observed but not commonly known. "We have developed a driver that actually reduces the rate at which the golf ball spins as you increase swing speed," he explained. "With drivers, you do not want increased spin rates, which contribute to a loss of both distance and control."

Robotic testing proves that with metal woods, the faster the swing speed, the greater the rate of spin. "Too much spin off the face of a driver can be hazardous to high octane swings. Independent laboratory testing confirms that the MalibuWoody helps solve that problem," said Dr. Caldwell.

The head of the MalibuWoody is packed with solid, Legal Cork, engineered high in the club head. Nothing transmits the solid feel of a ball well struck like a cork-filled driver.

Caldwell Golf has also developed a new, patented, super-light Ryton(R) sole plate. This lighter sole plate creates a higher center of gravity, allowing the golfer to play a higher and more controllable loft while maintaining a lower trajectory. Caldwell added, "More loft means more fairways and hitting a higher percentage of fairways equals an excellent Return on Investment (ROI)."

Caldwell Golf is the only major golf club manufacturer giving the buyer a 100-day, 100 percent money back guarantee. "'This industry first' guarantee is also backed by a lifetime warranty. CGC warrants all MalibuWoody golf clubs to be free of defects in manufacture for life."

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