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Chris Baldwin: Canadians need to get over Mike Weir

Canadians are funny. Not always intentionally either. Still, you'd think even people who love hockey (which automatically drops your IQ at least 50 points) would understand how embarrassing this frenzy over Mike Weir beating Tiger Woods in a glorified exhibition match at the Presidents Cup is.

What's Canada going to go bonkers over next? The Blue Jays beating the Yankees in a spring training game? The Toronto Raptors managing to lose to a New Jersey Nets team it should have completely overmatched (oh wait, that already happened last spring)? Maple syrup being featured on an episode of some lame reality TV show?

Really Canada, this delight in Weir managing to play halfway decent golf for the first time in about four years is beneath you. You're Canada. You actually have decent athletes who don't have to be treated like a special needs kid (Oh, look at little Mikey Weir, he tries so hard!) to be appreciated. See Steve Nash. Or Jason Bay before he finally realized he was a Pirate and forgot how to hit this year. Watch Ryan Dempster close games for the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs.

It's not like you're England and you have to pant for tennis loser Tim Henman because all you have is a bunch of soccer players and well ... a tennis loser.

I thought's Jeff White captured Canada's crazy stupid love for Weir perfectly when he noted the "Go Mike" sign outside of a cheap hotel in Montreal in one of his excellent reports. (Though who knew Montreal - one of my favorite cities - had cheap hotels.)

Still, it's hard to stomach an entire country making a complete fool of itself. And that's what Canada has done by glorifying Weir for winning a completely meaningless match.

Come on you moose snugglers! You're better than this.

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