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Shanks: Walker Cup telecast disses magnificent Royal County Down

We the golf-viewing public of the USA are getting Royally screwed this weekend when the Walker Cup will be played at one of the greatest - if not THE greatest - golf courses in the world: Royal County Down, aka Newcastle.

A total of 24 matches will be played at the Royal County Down course during the two-day competition. Four foursomes (alternate shot) and eight singles matches are played on each of the two days of competition. ABC in its infinite wisdom will telecast only the final 2 hours of the competition on Sunday starting at 2pm EST. What that translates to, after the highlights of Saturday's 12 matches and the 4 Sunday morning matches to get us caught up, is us getting to watch the last handful of matches played out on the last few holes. How sad that is for us armchair golf travelers.

On the one hand, it will be nice to see a handful of holes on the back nine. But on the other hand, how cruel to limit us to just those few holes. By worldwide unanimous acclaim, the course at Royal County Down has some of the most spectacular and challenging golf links on the planet. No wonder ABC is getting dumped from the golf-televising business.

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