Golf News for Wednesday, January 19, 2005 | Instruction

Golf swing directory released online

Dec. 17, 2004 – “I have been wanting to put out a solid online golf resource for some time,” noted Steve Gargin. “I have always released physical and information golf products to tech-savvy golfers in the past, but I have never put my focus on creating a golf portal to all the best golf resources on the web. So I decided it was time."

“Now is the time for such a online golf directory. Especially with all these so-called pros putting out useless gadgets geared towards making a quick buck off impulse buy-happy golfers,” said Steve.

Steve has collected websites ranging from golf slice tips to golf club reviews, all in one compact web portal. This website can be reached by visiting

What others are saying:
“I was extremely impressed with the time and effore Mr. Gargin has put into this site. It is now my home page and I will ask my subscribers to make it their homepage too.” Josh Fraiser, CEO, Total Golf Supreme.

About Steve Gargin
Steve Gargin is the Vice President of Inlight Marketing. Steve is a golf instructor who has developed some of the most widely used golf swing and scoring systems practiced by average golfers today.