Travel tips: Learn the new air security restrictions

By S. Adam Cardais,
Staff Writer

Things may have calmed down a bit for air travelers in recent weeks, but tourists around the world are still grappling with the fallout from U.K. authorities' disruption of an alleged plot to blow up transatlantic flights.

The security crackdown that followed the arrest of some two dozen suspects Aug. 10 created chaos at airports, especially in the United States and Great Britain, and led to a new series of restrictions on carry-on luggage, creating major travel headaches for everyone from new mothers to professional musicians.

Though the measures have since been softened in Britain, passengers on outbound U.S. and U.K. flights are still restricted from carrying nearly anything liquid on board. Along with fresh concern about the terrorist threat, this has created much confusion among travelers and lengthy delays at airports.

"No liquids or gels? Soon we'll have to arrive at the airport two days in advance, endure cavity searches and fingerprinting, and have to board the aircraft nude. Looking forward to it," mused one reader in a post to The New York Times" Web site. "We are not winning."

Public-opinion polls in the United States nevertheless show that Americans largely favor the restrictions. Below are a few stories and links to government Web sites to help you understand and navigate the new air-travel restrictions:

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TSA Air Travel Security Measures

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration provides a list of restricted carry-on items, mostly liquids.

BAA Airport Security Restrictions

The British Airports Authority, which operates major U.K. airports, has created a special section on its Web site to tell travelers what they can and can't bring on planes.

Strategies for coping with new travel restrictions

The Monterey (Calif.) Herald offers tips for traveling in a time of heightened scrutiny, such as preparing children ahead of time for long waits and not being able to take toys on the plane.

Details Emerge in British Terror Case

The New York Times gives an account of how British authorities uncovered the threat and were forced to make arrests well before they originally planned.

Terror Plot Foiled; Airports Quickly Clamp Down

Times readers share their thoughts and opinions on the suspected London plot in this supplement to the paper's online coverage. Reactions range from anger over the way the war on terror is being fought to gratitude that British authorities uncovered the plan.

Necessity on One Hand, Security on the Other

This story considers the ramifications of banning passengers from bringing liquids on planes. Women who've been storing breast milk while traveling away from their child are no longer allowed to bring it on board, forcing them to either ship it home in dry ice or, in some cases, smuggle it on.

EU to impose strict air travel restrictions

The European Union is considering imposing strict EU-wide restrictions on carry-on luggage and liquids to prevent certain locations where regulations are currently looser from becoming terrorist gateways.

Small businesses score with hassle-free travel

To avoid hassles at airports, some well-off travelers are opting for a private jet. Others are looking for alternative ways to transport baggage, with logistics companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL seeing an uptick in business.

September 6, 2006

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