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Keeping your head centered the only way to swing a golf club

Chuck EvansBy Chuck Evans,
Special Contributor
Byron Nelson
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One of the many strong aspects of the great Byron Nelson's swing was how he kept his head in perfect position. (Courtesy photo)

There is so much talk these days about the golfers head moving over to the right foot in the backswing and then staying there. This is one of the worst pieces of advice any golfer could receive!

While it may appear that world-class players have their over the right foot an impact it is an illusion! Just take a look at where their head is in relation to their feet.

For the average player having the head over the back foot will lead to hitting fat shots. The weight will be on the back foot and to try and stop hitting it fat the player will then try to swing upward on the ball. This causes a "bent" left wrist at impact - the clubhead in front of the hands - and disrupts impact geometry and alignments ... all causes of poor golf shots!

You want the head to stay centered between the feet so that it forms a "Tripod" - a steady center from where the body can rotate under.

One of the greatest players of all times maintained his Tripod perfectly - Bryon Nelson. Mr. Nelson's head stayed centered but if you ever looked at his lower body you would see the illusion of "lower body drive." But in fact his head is perfectly centered between his feet.

So forget moving your head over the right foot in the backswing and then leaving it there unless you want to play poor golf.

Chuck Evans, G.S.E.D., a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, is one of only 31 golf instructors worldwide designated to hold a doctorate in golf stroke engineering. He is executive director of instruction for the Medicus Golf Institute and has served as director of schools for the PGA Tour Golf Academy, and as director of instruction for the United States Golf Institute. He is also the author of "How To Build Your Golf Swing."

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  • Balance

    Parshooters wrote on: Mar 5, 2010

    Very good article. If you lean to far to your right and swing upwards, isn't that called a c-swing. In the long run it does lead to all kinds of injuries, including the breaking down of the vertebrae in your lower back. Which if not fixed it can lead to back surgery in repairing the disks.