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Yes! Golf's multi-material high-MOI Mollie putter: Mmm-mmm good!

Kiel ChristiansonBy Kiel Christianson,
Senior Writer
Yes! Golf's Mollie putter
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Yes! Golf's Mollie features multi-material design, which maximizes MOI with a heavy tungsten insert in the back heel of the putter head. (Courtesy of Yes! Golf)

Yes! Golf has built a small but prosperous empire upon its patented C-Groove technology. The rainbow-like CNC milled grooves on the face of every Yes! putter promise to get the ball rolling forward as fast or faster than any other putters on the market.

But Yes! Golf isn't going to hang its hat on just one design hook. The company's three new 2010 models -- Mollie, Morgan, and Donna II -- feature a new and innovative multi-material design that seeks to maximize moment of inertia (MOI). The result is Mmm-mmm good!

Yes! Golf's Mollie putter

The Mollie (MSRP $360; RH only) is a toe-down, heel-shafted flanged-blade. The back of the putter is fitted with a section of ultra-heavy tungsten, which significantly increases the MOI of the putter when combined with the ultra-light C-Groove face CNC milled from aeronautical-grade 6061 aluminum, and the body is made of 303 stainless steel. The light "soft" face and a heavy back make it extremely forgiving. Mollie has a head weight of 355 grams, loft of 2.5 degrees and lie of 72 degrees standard with a classic goose-neck hosel.

Heel-shafted putters such as Mollie are best-suited for players with a "gate-style" stroke that opens slightly on the backswing and rotates close on the follow-through. My square-to-square stroke is not ideal for putters like Mollie, and as a result, I tend to pull putts, especially from shorter distances. To adjust for these closed-face pulls, I set up with a forward press, which allowed me a more straight-through stroke.

The results were some of the best I've ever had with a heel-shafted putter. The Mollie's C-Grooves got the ball rolling forward very fast, and kept it on line beautifully. The rear tungsten weights are satisfyingly hefty, without feeling overly heavy.

The one drawback derived from my compensatory set-up: with only 2.5 degrees of loft, the forward press effectively removed all loft. On the green this was no problem, but when putting from the rough, the ball sort of burrowed into the longer grass a bit and came up shorter of the hole than expected.

The verdict on Yes! Golf's Mollie putter

Yes! Golf's Mollie putter reminds me of the sort of putter that skilled players prefer: heel-shafted, flanged blade, big price-tag. Even the grip is classically inspired: a semi-pistol style with a very flat, almost paddle-like top/front. If Mollie fits your stroke, she will perform admirably.

In short, this is a classic, player's putter design, augmented with Yes! Golf's C-Grooves and new multi-material technological upgrades that produce high MOI and great feel.

For more information, visit www.yesgolf.com.

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