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Staff Velocity From Wilson Golf Becomes The Official 'Better' Ball!


SOUTHPORT, CT - The Staff Velocity from Wilson Golf is the official 'better' ball of the U.S. Better Ball Championship. Wilson also becomes the newest sponsor of this national amateur golf tournament. Golf clubs in 23 states are holding local qualifiers between April and July, sending their low net & gross winners to their respective state championships. State champions compete Nov. 2-5, 2003 in Scottsdale AZ in the national finals.

All participants receive the official U.S. Better Ball gift pack that includes a sleeve of new Staff Velocity golf balls. "It's great to be part of such a popular event and it's a great way for golfers to try our new ball," said Scott White, Business Director - Golf Balls. "Golfers have so many ball choices and this event helps us break through the clutter. We know that if golfers try our ball, they'll love it - it flies longer and putts truer. It seems everyone is talking about the U.S. Better Ball Championship and the best advertising is word of mouth. We think golfers will be telling their friends they love the tournament and found the "better" ball too!

Wilson will be supporting course sign-up with a direct mail campaign to courses as well as an email campaign to almost enthusiastic golfers encouraging participation. "Anyone who has been around golf for a while knows the Staff name stands for excellence. Wilson has a tremendous heritage in the sport and we couldn't be happier with them as a sponsor. Our golfers will love their new ball," said Jim Keenan, national tournament director.

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    Joe wrote on: Apr 8, 2007

    Which ball would you suggest seniors use... My Dad is 72 years young...
    Thank you....Paul