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Warrior's New Custom Driver and Fairway Woods are your new weapon of choice from the tee or anywhere on the fairway!


From 125 to 300 plus yards, whether from the tee, fairway, buried lie, tall rough, hard pan or fairway bunker, we have a new Driver and new Fairway Wood to launch you up and out straight to the pin. Our new Driver is 360 cc's of Forged Titanium combined with a Harrison Long Drive graphite shaft for longer, more penetrating shots off the tee.

Our new Fairway Woods are progressive shallow-faced clubs combined with specially designed filament wound graphite shafts providing the lowest center of gravity for increased control and superior performance. And to give you the professional edge, each Warrior club is custom made exactly to your specifications for maximum results. More golfers are reaching for Warrior Custom Drivers and Fairway Woods because they continue to provide the consistency and performance that produce increased confidence to improve your game.

Club and Loft Information


#1 10.0o(standard)
#2 12.5o
#3 15.0o
#4 18.0o
#5 21.0o
#7 24.0o
#9 27.0o

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